We all want to live life to the fullest and be our best, yet many of us spend much of our valuable time worrying about things we can’t control, feeling lost, or just a bit ‘stuck’ in situations that don’t make us happy.  With a little more awareness and effort, you can greatly enhance the quality of life. Here are 15 of our favorite tips for living and being your best. 

15 Ways To Be Happy & Live Better Starting Now:

1/ Stop Putting Your Life On Hold.  There’s always a reason not to do something you dream of doing, and there are always going to people out there who are discouraging and negative.  If you truly want something, it is out there. But what you want won’t magically move toward you and it may not wait –  so neither should you.

2/  Set Goals (While Staying Flexible!).  Write down your short and long-term goals.  Focus on what you want.  Keep in mind that goals sometimes change as our lives shift in different directions. However, the mere process of keeping track of what you want is incredibly useful in staying on track and motivated.  (This is all about you, not what others want for or from you.)

3/  Don’t Complain. Unless it’s a little sigh or vent that helps you get through a difficult day, don’t make a habit of complaining. Negativity is contagious and the more you focus on it, the greater the issue will become.  Let it out and move on. There’s too much goodness in life to dwell.

4/  Know That Failure is Awesome.  Seriously. You probably won’t realize it in the moment, but so often when things don’t work out — something far more interesting does.  In the wise words of comedian Ellen DeGeneres, “It’s failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.” 

5/ Take Care Of Your Body.  This one is obvious, but really – how you treat your body says a lot of about how you feel about yourself.  In order to be happy you need to first love yourself and respect your body and your emotional health.  Eat well, indulge now and then – and exercise regularly.  Physical activity is the key to wellness of body and mind.


happy 2 girls bridge6/ Live In The Present.  You’ve set your goals, you are ready and moving toward them.  However, there is no time like the present – and in order to live fully and be open to possibilities, you need to be living ‘in the now’. 

7/  Face Your Fears.  Each of us have certain things in life that make us feel anxious and far outside our comfort zone.  Newsflash:  It’s most likely holding you back.  So what if you’re really bad at something – or if you’re nervous about how something you do will appear to others.  Face your fear and build your confidence.

8/ Live By Your Rules.  Knowing what you believe in and living by your own values in incredibly empowering.  This is a personal matter – Recognizing your own ethics and live your life in a way that remains true to your beliefs.

9/  Don’t Gossip.  Eleanor Roosevelt said it so well with her famous quote, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”  It is just a plain waste of time.  Rise above it and avoid people who spend too much of their time talking about others rather than living life.  This goes for reading too many tabloids, junk news and other stuff that contributes little to the quality of your life.  An occasional escape is fine, but don’t get caught up in BS!

10/  Never Give Up Your Social Life.  Live is meant to be lived and, even for those who enjoy spending a lot of time alone or are workaholics, it’s important to get out there and mingle.  No one can work 24/7, even if they convince themselves they can; everyone needs down time and the enjoyment  of seeing friends and meeting new people is huge.  Even when you’re feeling down, it’s often worth switching your sweatpants for something that makes you feel confident and attractive and getting out the door.

smile11/  Create (And Be Open To) New Opportunities.  Sometimes new opportunities arise when we least expect.  Don’t be too fixated on what you want and think should be happening that you don’t notice new opportunities when they arise. Sometimes its these surprising positive changes that enrich our lives in ways we never would have expected.

12/ Do What You Love.  No matter how nuts life gets – don’t give up on what you love.  Ideally, you can develop what you love into a career – in which you’re able to enjoy your work life to the max!  This process may take time  (and often does) and that is okay.  We all need to adapt in order to make our obligations in life balance with our passions – but finding that balance is key.  Don’t lose sight of things you really enjoy doing.  Life is short.  And if it’s really a passion you owe it to yourself to find a way to incorporate it into your life regularly.

13/ Be Compassionate.  Care about others, period.  From family to friends to strangers, we are one world — we all have good days and struggles.  Lending a hand and your heart to someone in need can do wonders for that person and also make your heart smile.  Connecting and care — because helping someone is always worth it (and at some point the roles will reverse and you’ll be grateful).

14/ Let Go Of The Past.  Life is too short to spend time dwelling on past heartaches, grievances and struggles.  Unfortunately, life can be really rough and it can be very challenging to move past tough times.  However, in order to be happy you need to let the bad sh*t go.  Sadness breeds sadness, so be careful not to get stuck moving in a circle instead of moving forward with your life.  As horrible as past experiences may be, they are in the past. You are in the present now, and happiness lies in your own hands.  Trust that you deserve to be happy now and work to let go of emotional baggage.

15/ Hang With Positive People. Period.  Avoid people who make you feel bad — it sounds so simple, yet too often we feel obliged to spend time with those who bring us down — especially when we’ve been friends with that person for a long time or when it’s a family member.  Of course, some situations you can’t escape, but in general – don’t waste your time and be dragged down.  Put your yourself and your happiness first – you’ll feel so much lighter and have that much more energy for people you truly appreciate.

* Song To Get You In The Mood:  Life is short. There’s no audition period – it’s happening now and “You’re On”. 


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