Food in Paris is famous for being fabulous. And healthy dining options are becoming increasingly trendy – which we looooove. We thought we’d check out some of the most delicious and nutritious options available at a price that can’t be beat (being New Yorkers, we love a good deal). Special shout-out and thanks to foodie Romain Passelande, co-founder of chic start-up Les Petites Tables (an online guide to Paris’ most tasty and affordable meals) for his expert advice.

4 Healthy & Delicious Meals in Paris (for 10 Euros or less):

lebichat - the bowl

The Bowl. Photo credit: Le Bichat.

1/  Le Bichat11, Rue Bichat. 10th arrondissement. A great find, just steps away from the lovely Canal Saint Martin.  Open 7 days a week from morning through evening, it features an open kitchen and long countertop on one side, with a mix of chairs and tables scattered on the other, to host its diverse and cool crowd (Dare we say it feels a bit like an up-and-coming Williamsburg of some years ago?). The decor is clean and simple with large wooden tables, a loft, and a cozy bar. There is a continually changing “Bowl of the Day” created by their Franco-Japanese chef, which features whole grain Thai rice, a blend of raw and cooked vegetables, and a protein of your choice (vegetarian, eggs, chicken or mackerel as the fish option).   Everything is organic and, luckily, tastes as good as the brightly colored array of fresh produce looks and smells.  Freshly-pressed juices and ginger beer are available, as well as organic beer and wine.  This definitely feels like the place to be.



lunch at La Guinguette D’Angèle.   photo credit: Les Petites Tables.

2/  La Guinguette D’Angèle. 34 Rue Coquillière, 1st arrondissement. Created by passionate naturopath and chef Angèle, this tiny and charming venue has been created with the goal of satisfying our palettes as well as supporting our physical health. Only organic, locally grown, gluten and trans-fat free products are offered. Featuring a ‘Lunch Box Detox’ (available between 11.45am and 3pm). This week it includes an antioxidant rich acai bowl – laden with superfoods, as well as maple-pecan granola, a raw/vegan dessert and a delicious matcha latte (for extra antioxidants). Although there’s literally only one table, as Les Petites Tables points out, the restaurant is just a few blocks from ‘Palais Royale’, so it’s the perfect excuse to eat outside or – worst case – take your lunch back to the office. * Lunch Box: 7 Euros | Dessert: 3 Euros.


pur les petites tables

Pur etc. Photo: Les Petites Tables.

3/  PUR etc. 21, Rue des Jeuneurs. 9th arrondissement. After establishing 4 locations in Strasbourg, Pur etc. made its brilliant debut in Paris a few years ago.  It offers an artisanal menu that contains only locally grown produce from sustainable agriculture. The menu evolves according to the producers’ supply, and Pur etc. prides itself on constantly innovating its offerings with newly tested recipes.  We ordered a take-out lunch and were pleased to see that their slogan of ‘Un Fast Good’ was accurate. Dishes are available for omnivores, vegetarians, vegans and those requiring gluten-free diets — so there’s really something delicious and nutritious for everyone. We love their commitment to the planet: Food is served in recycled glass dishware, the waste is all composted and deliveries are made solely on bicycle.  Student discounts available. NEW LOCATIONS: PUR etc. locations also exist just outside Paris, in Puteaux, as well as a new location in in Versailles.  And one just opened in the 8th arrondissement too — at Mirosmenil! Check their website for more info.



Le Centre Tout Naturellement.       photo credit: Les Petites Tables.

4/  Le Centre Tout Naturellement. 83, Bis Rue Lafayette. 9th arrondissement. We’re totally in love with the concept of Le Centre Tout Naturellement. Deeply tucked away, just beyond the courtyard of a building, CTN is a wellness center in Paris that’s created around the 3 pillars of naturopathy: nutrition, infection and detoxification.   The restaurant is only one aspect of the wellness center, which features a sauna with detoxifying drainages, wraps with essential oils, various types of massage, and yoga and Qi gong courses. Founders Dominique Sol-Rolland and Isabelle Ravanas are clearly passionate about naturopathy and have created a health haven in CTN. However, you need not arrive for any other reason than to dine.  The restaurant opens at 1pm (Monday through Friday only) and features cuisines from around the world, using only vegan, organic and natural ingredients.   A recent lunch menu:  Chinese cabbage salad (with tamari, garlic and lemon), a delicious vegetable soup filled with a wide variety of fresh produce, and a hot dish of barley, cauliflower and zucchini with a pink peppercorn sauce with almond cream. Vegan Fixed Menu Formula: Entrée + Soup + Hot Dish: 10 Euros.


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