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1/ Noizio For anyone dealing with sound issues coming from the street, Noizio provides an excellent solution. It drowns out outdoor noise, allowing you to concentrate better and increase productivity. It can also be used to set the mood for a romantic evening or to lull you to sleep (ensuring a sound sleep all night long). Create the mood you’re going for using a blend of Noizio’s 15 ambient sounds, including October Rain, Coffee House, Inside Train and Sunny Day.  This free sound equalizer app is an elegant and simple way to design a setting for any occasion.  Use it to help you work or study, to sleep, or to transport you anywhere you can imagine.   Designed to work on all Mac devices with OS X 10.8 and higher.

happify2/ Happify.  This new science-based app is designed to help your brain ward off negative thoughts and, by doing so (as its name suggests), help you live a more happy and fulfilled life.  Through writing tool activities, games and a high degree of community interaction, Happify boosts your confidence.   The app begins with a simple question and answer section about your personal feelings in order to provide a program tailored to your needs.  A free version is available for iOS and Android users and there’s a premium version for those seeking more. We’re loving it!

3/  Using research from over 180 studies and intensive analysis over the last twelve plus years, is helping change the world’s perception of sound.  It has been shown to improve ADD (attention deficit disorder), anxiety and insomnia through audio brainwave training.  With sounds separated into 3 categories – focus, relax and sleep – you should notice an improvement in your ability to focus, relax or rest within the first 15 minutes of use.  We highly recommend this to anyone who has trouble focusing.  The first 7 sessions are free and after that the cost is  $3.99/month for a year-long membership. Exceptionally high customer reviews reveal that helps keep brains ‘less bored’ without the distraction factor of music. (Hopefully, a mobile version soon will be released soon.)

headspace logo4/ Headspace.  We can’t rave about this meditation app enough. Its tagline, a gym membership for the mind, is very accurate. Headspace 2.0 has mastered the art of making meditation accessible to everyone with its beautiful, inviting and user-friendly app.  Even those new to meditation will feel a strong sense of awareness and connectedness right away.  Its variety of custom-made recordings make these “bite-sized guided meditations designed to fit busy modern lives” an excellent way to practice meditation. Headspace is available as an app or online.

daily yoga app5/ Daily Yoga.  This intuitive and comprehensive yoga app is the most popular in the world with good reason. With over 50 HD yoga and meditation exercises (and a database of over 500 yoga poses), users are able to follow a training plan designed by professional instructors to help them reach their personal goals. Dozens of workout routines are available on the free version and users may upgrade for access to more programs.  Training plans run from 1 to 3 weeks long and the instructors’ encouraging and motivating voices seem to do the trick. Includes personal data tracking and a very active social community. Definitely worth checking out for anyone on-the-go or seeking a guided yoga practice from the comfort of home. (Bonus: it’s user and newbie-friendly.)