be-nice-to-yourselfShine, the largest messaging service for daily wellbeing, has a brand new fabulous campaign in celebration of the new year: #ResolutionRealTalk.  Their main objective is to remind us to practice self-compasssion when it comes to our resolutions and intentions.  As we know, January 1st tends to prompt many of us to set lofty goals.  Sadly, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail within the first 6 weeks.  The reality is that people need real connection, intention and support in order to succeed in committing to their resolutions. This is why Shine – with its easy instant service and friendly tone – works.

Upon signing up (free), you will receive a daily interactive experience with an actionable intention to help you feel and be your best self.

We couldn’t agree more with Shine that self-compassion is essential to happiness and optimum health.  And it’s sad to realize that one of the primary reasons many of us don’t stay committed to our new year’s goals is that’s we’re overly tough on ourselves.  As we work hard to balance many activities and obligations in our full and aspirational lives, we need a product that really “gets it”.  Shine has recently addressed this issue through their new bot which helps users set, track and celebrate their 2017 goals while being kind to themselves.  Think of it like a digital coach over text-messaging.

shine-cell-phoneHere’s how it works:

1 / You set an intention for 2017 that you’d like to focus on (e.g. joy, productivity, confidence, etc).

2/ Each morning you’ll receive your daily Shine text including custom advice that pertains to working on your intention within the theme of the day.

3/ You have the ability to (a) log that you worked on your intention that day, (b) track your progress and (c) anonymously see how other people in the community are doing on their goals.

How it differs from other goal-setting apps:

1/ There is a community feature which allows you to get tips from others working on similar goals.

2/ Real talk: the voice in each Shine message is really that of a friend.

3/ Self-compassion is emphasized.

* To sign up and check it out, do so at:

For an extra boost in committing to your newly defined 2017 intentions, definitely check it out!

* Song For This Moment: “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten.