oristand image 2Despite the fact that sitting all day can have serious implications on our health, many of us still feel forced to do so while at work.  Standing desks have helped many by improved productivity, reducing back pain and improving posture; however, plenty of companies don’t yet prioritize this issue. Now there’s a solution, thanks to Oristand – the simplest, least expensive ($25) and most environmentally friendly standing desk model on the market.

Made of industrial-grade cardboard, Oristand requires no additional changes to your workspace; simply rest it on top of your regular desk.  It can be collapsed easily for quick storage and weighs only 2 pounds, allowing for easy transport.  This desk is particularly ideal for laptop usage, supporting up to 60 pounds. Due to extremely high demand for a wider variety of desk options, additional models will be released in the near future. To sign up for Oristand’s upcoming product releases, click here).

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photo credit: New Gizmo Blog.

An Affordable Premium Sit To Stand Desk.  If you’re looking for a versatile desk that’s durable and well designed (available in a variety of sleek wood finishes with a heavyweight industrial steel frame), the Smart-Standing Desk may be a great option for you. You can easily transition for sitting to standing throughout the day as needed. Its dual electric motors are virtually silent and its 350 pound weight capacity is pretty powerful.  And while the desk has a retail value is $1500, it is available for $299 at Autonomous.  Another Perk: It comes with a 5-year warranty and a 30-day trial period.   This desk ranks highly among its competitors and current feedback reports that it works better than some more expensive models out there.  Support your productivity while simultaneously taking better care of your body with this model, or check out other highly ranked standing desk options here.

Stand Desks Are Not Just for Adults. Recent studies reveal that standing desks benefit children as well. The mere process of standing rather than sitting while learning may enhance the learning process and have a calming effect on ADHD students in the classroom.  Children’s standing desk company Jaswig notes that that its desk promote “a confident posture, which motivates students to speak up and interact.” Even teachers who initially feared their more hyperactive students “running away” during class, have experienced inspiring results through implementing standing desks in the classroom.  (More on this in links #2 and #4 below).


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