With winter just weeks away and temperatures beginning to drop, it’s an ideal time to think about winter skin care. We should all be able to enjoy a rosy glow in our cheeks while keeping our skin protected from the harshness of the season. Passionate skin care expert Yvona Zivic in Paris met with us to discuss overall skin health and her favorite skin care picks for the upcoming winter season. With over 20 years of experience in naturopathy, aromatherapy and aging gracefully, Yvona is committed to wellness and the connection between mind, body and soul – as is clear through her sparkling insights below.  

winter skin ladySkin = Protection + Projection.  “Before sharing skincare recommendations, it’s important to think about the purpose of our skin. We need to understand what our skin does and what it needs from us to stay healthy and vibrant.  Our skin serves a protective and a projective role. It protects us from outside aggressions and also projects our inner light – in French we call this ‘éclat’. Our skin is the last layer covering our bones and muscles and connects our nervous system with our vascular system.  We need to maintain a proper balance between these 2 major systems of the body – this balance is reflected in our skin. Diet and seasonal changes need to be taken into account.  For example, winter causes changes to our metabolic system and especially to our breathing, so our skin needs to adapt accordingly. Our skin reflects the vital currents running through our bodies.”

During winter our skin needs extra lipids for nourishment and proper hydration.

laroche posayFavorite Cold Weather Moisturizers:

  • NUTRITIC INTENSEfor face, neck, arms
  • NUTRITIC INTENSE LIPS  (both by La Roche-Posay)

There are also some budget-friendly versions (around 12€ in pharmacies) which are very efficient – combining biolipids, apricot kernel oil, blackcurrant seed oil and coriander oil, among other things. These transform what many of us experience in winter – cracking, dryness, chapping – into wonderfully soft yet non-greasy skin. Perfect winter nutrition.

regen ceutic

Regen Ceutic by Dermaceutic works marvels as well. This skin recovery cream contains peptides for restoring and nourishing skin in extreme conditions and contains hyaluronic acid, a natural molecule that improves skin hydration. It helps in the synthesis of new skin cells, which is exactly what we need when skin turns reddish and dry from irritation due to cold, wind, snow and rain.


stylage pro

For An Extra-Moisturizing Boost: I also love Stylage Skin Pro’s Le Mist. It’s a unique pure water spray that contains Eau de Treignac, a water well-known for its therapeutic properties.  This mist is very soothing for sensitive and irritated skin.  It helps restore the skin’s natural protective barrier, is refreshing and long-lasting.


H20 + No Super Hot Showers + Watch The Caffeine.  Now, for staying well-hydrated, it comes from inside us.  Nutrition statistics tell us the best way to benefit from our water intake is to drink often throughout the day, every half hour if possible, but to only drink small amounts of liquid at a time; this way we are progressively and regularly hydrated, instead of water just passes through us too quickly. Don’t take extremely hot baths or showers and don’t overdo the caffeine (which dehydrates).

To Pamper Your Skin.  For a wonderfully pampering winter treat, I suggest a Hot Chocolate Facial Scrub. It’s an exfoliating and heating mask that you massage onto wet skin, and leave on for at least 15 minutes while enjoying the aroma of cocoa. (These can be found in individual packs at Dermastir Boutique at 121, Avenue Champs-Élysées, Paris).


Yvona close-up

If you would like to schedule a consultation in Paris or London with skin care superstar Yvona Zivic: click here. With 20 years of skin care experience, she is aware of the latest developments in skin care, and her genuine passion for wellness and people make her an exceptional specialist. Many thanks for your time and expertise!




* Song To Get You In The Mood: “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd.  (The real cold is coming!)