Upon reading about hot new fitness app Fit Girls Guidewe were hoping to be inspired.  We checked out the website first and must admit we were initially disappointed to see the home page features a photo of a woman in a bikini (ugh, cliché), and we weren’t too inspired by the ultra-girly pink and turquoise color scheme either.  However, we soon realized that Fit Girls Guide is pretty fabulous because it’s all about authentic inspiration, self-love, education and mutual empowerment. #wecanallwin

The FGG website includes a results column that features before and after photos of women who have used FitGirls as a source of fitness motivation and have experienced impressive results. The comments alongside photos are heartwarming and it’s clear these personal stories are a source of inspiration for many.  The website’s guide section contains available downloads for purchase, including a recipe book, a beginner-friendly 28 day jumpstart crash course to working out and a fit girls boot camp class regimen.

The @FitGirlsGuide voice is also genuinely inspiring, with posts like this one from January 4th:  “Welcome to your brand new shiny year! This is the year you will fulfill your New Year’s Fit Girl Resolutions. This is the year you will be so freaking proud of yourself for following through. This is the year other people will ask how you did it. And you’ll have thousands of other Fit Girl Sisters cheering you on for the journey!”

Even if you’re already committed to a fitness routine and aren’t lacking motivation, seeing women get inspired to get healthier while feeling and giving support and encouragement to others is pretty powerful stuff.


Fit Girls Guide App, released Jan 30, 2016.  Download here

The Fit Girls Guide app. Released on January 30th, the FGG app is already kicking ass in its beta version.  Currently available as a free download, the app gives you access to an interactive 28 Day Jumpstart check-in calendar that allows you to track your progress toward ‘fitmazingness’.  There are 3 levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and each provides access to daily workouts that take 30 minutes or less, in addition to many recipes (including Fit Girl Cobb, Fit Girl Parm and Stupid Easy Mac and Cheese).  

We are especially loving the real community aspect. Users are encouraged to join group challenges on Instagram every 5-6 weeks and to use the team spirit aspect to stay motivated.  And this approach is working and developing a positive and fit community.  Considering the 5 steps to a Fit Girls Lifestyle we can’t help but embrace the love.

  1. Ditch the word ‘diet’.
  2. Break up with perfectionism.
  3. Keep going no matter what.
  4. Have fun, eat carbs.
  5. Reach out and Fit Girl Sister it up.

* Bonus: 7-Minute Workout App: This is another app worth mentioning that some of you may already know. And yes, it’s only 7 minutes (don’t laugh). It’s for when you really, really do not have time to workout. When you give it what you’ve got, it’s always worth it (and far better than doing nothing!). Featured in the New York Times and currently the #1 Fitness app in 127 countries. Download it free here.

* Song To Get You in the Mood: “Move Your Body” (Sia)