As 2016 rolls into its final week, it’s an ideal time to reflect on the past year and to consider how we can make 2017 our most fabulous year yet.  Some of us are dying to press the reset button and recommit to previous goals, while others prefer creating new ones; meanwhile, plenty of us reject the idea of new year’s resolutions altogether.  Personally, I recommend doing whatever works for you there’s no universal rule here.  And despite statistics showing the vast majority of us don’t stick with our annual resolutions, there’s something to be said for the psychological benefit of turning the page after a challenging year (let’s not even start on the election).  
larissa-main-photoResolutions aside, there is one simple way each of us can easily up our authenticity in the new year, thanks to blogger and social media strategist Larissa May‘s new project, #HalfTheStory.  In a world where “post-truth” anything is actually a word (resisting the temptation to talk politics *again), deciding to intentionally increase our real factor seems more and more important – even if it means just a few adjustments to our social media posts.  Even if you already consider yourself very authentic online, chances are, a friend or business associate will benefit from this campaign.  We all know someone (and even have friends) whose Instagram posts only highlight glamorous moments which, put together, create a feed that doesn’t capture a glimmer of their #wholestory.  The issue with this is that by only sharing “surface level pieces of our lives” our perception of reality gradually becomes distorted.  (Meanwhile, our culture encourages and rewards this type of behavior so, indeed, it can get complicated.)  
half-the-story-random-person-post#HalfTheStory: What It is.  #HALFTHESTORY is a social media awareness campaign that aims to break down these ‘perfect moments’ and #getreal.  It provides a platform to share a part of our identity that is not regularly revealed through social channels. #HALFTHESTORY, unlike other movements, aims to shed lights on hidden human talents, passions, or beliefs that connect us on a deeper level, in addition to the struggles that we face.

Why It Matters.  Yesterday Founder Larissa May in New York kindly shared her primary goals for #HalfTheStory with us.  “Half The Story creates a platform for thoughtful authentic human connection through modern technology.  It changes how we view others’ social media identities and helps us recognize there’s always another half of the story.”

The Personal Inspiration That Led Founder Larissa May to Get Real.  Larissa shared a bit more about what inspired her to launch this authenticity-boosting project.  “When I first sought to enter the fashion industry, I would spend countless hours emailing, connecting and grabbing coffee with people in the industry. 90% of the time, the first words that came out of his or her mouth were ‘My life isn’t really what it looks like.’ 3 years later, during my senior year at Vanderbilt, I had a lightbulb moment at New York Fashion Week — and realized I couldn’t keep up with my ‘social identity’– I’d fallen into the trap of social storytelling. I needed a place to break down the barriers, #GETREAL and start talking about the things that make me human.” 
jesse-eisenberg-halfstoryUp Your Social Media Authenticity + Inspire Others: If you’re motivated to increase your authenticity on social media, Larissa suggests sharing the #HalfTheStory campaign with your network and posting a call-to-action for your followers to also share their #halfthestory during the first few weeks of 2017.  Initiating the conversation and leading by example are what it’s all about.  You never know who you may inspire and goodness knows we’d all benefit from an increased dose of #realstuff.  Check out a few examples posted here and share your own #halfthestory early in the new year to take part in this meaningful campaign! 
Join the #HalfTheStory movement: HERE.  
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