When it comes to success, the power of visualization has long been recognized.  Professional athletes have been using mental imagery for years to help them achieve goals and most successful businesses these days create vision boards to enhance their development.  However, when it comes to love, few of us are inclined to visualize what we really want. Those in fulfilling relationships don’t feel the need, while many who are single and looking are too busy living their lives (and online dating) to consider how visualizing might help their search.  In light of the growing number of success stories we’ve come across, we think it’s worth taking a deeper look at how active visualization can positively impact love life. 

heart lock unsplashYes, it’s February – a month where love is celebrated (or at least the subject is unavoidable, thanks to Valentine’s Day) and this may have inspired us to be a bit love-obsessed recently; however, the time of year is pretty irrelevant.  We each deserve to be in a nourishing and inspiring intimate relationship, and many of us are searching for someone with whom we truly connect.  (And if we are in a loving long-term relationship, we’re well aware that it takes work to keep the sparks alive and to continue growing together.)  The practice of visualizing your ideal partner and what a loving relationship would be like is worth a few moments of your time.  It just might help you get luckier in love, so why not give it a shot? (Please Note: Any meaningful conversation about love and relationships requires a foundation of self-love; more on that here).  

Love is the strongest force in the universe. It’s what connects us to our family, friends, significant others and strangers; it’s part of what makes us human.  It’s present when a passerby picks up and returns a glove we accidentally dropped or when someone offers to help us with our luggage; if you’ve ever spent any time in the arrivals or departures area of an airport, you’ve seen and felt the overwhelming presence of love.  Yet at times, and particularly when we’re unattached, feeling lonely, or are in an unhealthy relationship, we feel acutely aware of the absence of love. Bestselling author and love expert Karen Salmansohn shares some insights on how to effectively visualize love.  These 3 steps provide a guideline to help you become more aware of what you’re looking for in a relationship and how to open your heart to the possibility and reality of finding the love and companionship you desire. 

3 Keys To Visualizing Love:

1/ Write it down + Be specific.  Picture your ideal relationship: what does it look like, smell like and feel like? These tiny details will help give you a stronger understanding of and personal connection with your soulmate (or whomever you’re seeking). Salmansohn advises writing a page or so (300 words max) about the person of your dreams, really digging into the specifics of what a fulfilling relationship would be like for you.  Don’t keep it surface level; get deep. It’s less about height and hair color than about heart, connection and what your day-to-day experience with this person would be like.  The more specific you are, the more you’ll emotionally connect with your vision.  So focus on what you really want.

2/ Remember that your ideal partner is someone with whom you can be your true self. This may seem self-evident, but it’s important to be conscious of the fact that whomever you’re in a relationship with makes you feel safe to be your authentic self at all times – and that he or she embraces who you are, without trying.

3/ Don’t picture someone you know.  Avoid visualizing someone you already know. Let your imagination run free and leave room for new possibilities.  Picturing someone you’ve already had a relationship with or someone you know casually will inhibit your imagination.

love bwIt’s been consistently shown that simply imagining positive circumstances sends blood flowing from your negative brain regions to your positive ones.  This naturally promotes a positive shift in your life. So why not spend a few moments closing your eyes and visualizing your love life goals? A little effort can go a long way in helping you realize what you’re looking for in a partner; think about it in a realistic way and be ready to meet someone who will complement and enhance the beautiful soul you naturally are.

Remember: the more loved and attractive you feel, the more magnetic you’ll be to others.  So tap into your most confident, positive self-loving soul.  Just enjoy your life while staying open to new possibilities.

* Song For This Moment: Higher Love Remix (Kris Menace + Julian Hamilton)

Don’t settle for less. Keep shining, striving and doing your thing.

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