We love fitness fashion. Looking great and feeling great are strongly connected, and wearing the hottest new styles and technically advanced fabrics is definitely motivating for working out, and even just for running errands around town. (We can’t wait to share some awesome new fitness apparel with you in our online shop – Coming early 2016!) That said, it’s not the clothes that make you fit: it’s the work, consistency and passion your pour into your workout. Every time.

It’s about finding a fitness routine you love so much that you want to get out there again and again. It’s about ‘mixing it up’ and cross-training to gain strength, combat muscle imbalances, and prevent injuries. It’s about taking the time to do dynamic stretches and staying hydrated. It’s about loving the process and loving yourself. Your actions and your attitude are what get you fit and create a positive, fulfilling and healthy life.

When we do this, we all win.  In Paris, it’s affirming to see Crossfit evolving beautifully over the last 3+ years, with its encouraging ‘teamwork’ attitude. The success of running groups organized by the Nike Running Store at Saint Michel, the Paris Running Club (by referral), the Marais Running Club, and popular established meet-up groups like Let’s Run Paris and Paris Runners, is also inspiring.  Those seeking something different (or newcomers looking for a fun place to meet people) may enjoy the Paris Hash Harriers, ‘the drinking club with a running problem’. There’s also a growing list of outdoor bootcamp and yoga classes worth checking out. (More on that soon.)

Just to reiterate: We love athletic apparel. But it’s an ‘add-on’, it’s not the core. And if you feel like wearing cotton now and then, go for it. No judgment.

Shoes Are #1.  That said, one thing you can’t afford to skimp on in terms of quality is your workout shoe. Not having appropriate shoes for your sport, or not replacing them often enough, can injury you almost instantly. The shoes you wear to cross-train at the gym shouldn’t be the same ones you wear running. You’ve got to equip your precious feet well or you’ll be sad, hurt and sorry.

For more info on finding running shoes in Paris, check out: “If The Shoe Fits”.


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“Golden”, by Jill Scott.  (Because you are).