After much anticipation, the first Lululemon Athletica showroom opened in Paris this September.  The Vancouver-born fitness apparel brand has had phenomenal success in North America since its 1998 launch, and it’s continuing to grow on a worldwide scale.  Originally known for their high-quality and flattering women’s yoga pants, Lululemon carries many types of fitness apparel, including running, cycling and swimwear, as well as stylish streetwear and menswear.  We fell in love with Lulu years ago, when their popular red recyclable bags hit the streets of New York with a vengeance.  (It became almost impossible to leave home in the Upper West Side without seeing numerous red Lulu bags floating around.) Aside from being a brilliant marketing tool, these bags are a source of positivity, light and instant connection, as they’re covered with inspiring statements that represent the company’s core values.  Seeing these red bags in Paris, with positive statements written in French, is powerful and represents a beautiful new trend in the City of Lights.

na_apr1_pn_womensvarcity_01Lululemon’s first Paris showroom is located in the Marais at 4 Rue Ferdinand Duval, and is definitely worth checking out for anyone seeking the latest in high performance and stylish fitness apparel.  In early 2016, a second Paris showroom is set to open and an official store is projected to launch next summer.  Meanwhile, in southeastern France, Lululemon will launch in Cannes on November 12th, followed by Nice.  As the fitness movement continues to grow in France, the fitness apparel movement will coincide — and we’re very excited about this.

However, more important than fitness clothing is the development of meaningful and positive community, and this is what excites us most about Lululemon’s arrival in Paris. Visit the showroom’s online calendar to view upcoming events organized by Lulu. And note that every Friday at 5.30pm there’s a free yoga class at the Marais showroom (Vendredi Vinyasa), and there’s another on Saturday mornings at 10am (Samedi Sweat).

PN_150609_womensyogaWe’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some of Lululemon’s Paris team personally and feel inspired by their sincerity.  Paris is a city so full of grace and elegance; it’s stunning beyond compare. But it definitely can benefit from a dose of positive energy. Bienvenue, sweet Lulu. We’re glad you’re here. Let’s do this.

Lululemon.  4, Rue Ferdinand Duval. 4th arrondissement. 

Monday – Wednesday: closed.
Thursday + Friday: 11am – 7pm.
Saturday: 10am – 8pm.
Sunday: closed.


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