Earlier this week we met with one of Paris’ most inspiring fitness leaders, Romain Rainaut. Since launching Conquer Your Day ten months ago, he has already built a strong community, with about 2,500 people taking part in CYD’s free daily workout sessions each month.  Conquer Your Day has become a powerful and positive movement that reflects the rapid growth of fitness in the City of Lights. And because we at NoBubblegum are passionate about building community, creating positive change and authentic inspiration – we were particularly excited to learn more about CYD, how it came to be and about its plans for the future.  Our conversation with its founder left us inspired by his dedication to developing a fresh and accessible fitness experience in Paris.

Romain main photoHow It All Began. The concept of Conquer Your Day was born through a conversation between friends in November 2014. At the time, Romain had just moved back to Paris from London, where he had been working in finance for 10 years.  He was determined to make a career change and to immerse himself in something he truly cared about, so when the topic of fitness came up over lunch with a childhood friend he felt a spark of inspiration.  During their chat, the two noted that many of their friends had recently become more interested in working out; Romain was already passionate about it, having completed marathon and a Ironman (raising money for the European Association for Cancer Research).  Shortly after the lunch, Romain decided to build awareness of a motivational lifestyle in Paris with Conquer Your Day

Official Launch. Four months later in March of 2015, Conquer Your Day hosted its first free bootcamp class, promoted through a Facebook event invitation. There were 5 people leading the session, all of whom were friends of Romain with a passion for fitness and motivating others.  CYD’s primary goal  from the start has been to connect with its community; this sentiment resonated quickly, as weekly sessions soon became bi-weekly and tri-weekly.  Since July 2015, Conquer Your Day has been organizing bootcamp classes every day around Paris. All class are volunteer-run and self-sustaining.

KELU_MG_4879__RVB HDefAn Empowering Habit.  When asked about the origin of the name Conquer Your Day, Romain proudly shares that it was inspired by world kickboxing champion and sports hypnotherapist Hazel Gale, who also happened to be his Ironman coach. In addition to encouraging him to practice visualization, Gale inspired Romain to get into the habit of taking a moment each day to look in the mirror and literally decide to make the day significant.  This exercise – of making a concerted effort to ‘conquer your day‘ – had a profound impact on Romain. When deciding on a name for his project, Conquer Your Day was the obvious (and dare we say most effective) choice. 

CYD has already expanded from Paris to French cities Nantes and Lille, and will soon open in Toulouse, Marseilles and Tours, as well as in London.  With an impressive 15% growth rate, CYD offers three types of fitness classes free to the public: Bootcamp, Yoga and Stretching.  They currently have 52 ambassadors promoting the brand.

Conquer Your DayFitness Apparel Inspired By Community. Conquer Your Day recently launched a fitness apparel brand, Elmut. They released several pieces that were designed in collaboration with members of the CYD community and are currently working with several up-and-coming fitness brands.  Check their website for more info and updates on their future collaborations.

CYD Charity.  One of our favorite aspects of Conquer Your Day is its charity division. CYD Charity organizes fitness sessions in which 100% of the proceeds are given directly to charity.  What a perfect and simple way to affect positive change for others as well as yourself.  The next CYD Charity event in Paris will take place on February 21st and will benefit Main de la Main. Visit the CYD website or Facebook Event Page for more info on how to participate.

CYD+. Conquer Your Day has also expanded to include CYD+, a sports agency which prides itself on hosting ‘atypical events in exclusive venues‘ around Paris (e.g., a springtime yoga class on the roof of Nüba, Cité de la Mode et du Design). All events are community oriented and have a beautiful and elegant flair that is très Parisien. 

* Stay Connected to CYD:         website.     facebook.   instagram.


Special thanks to Romain Rainaut for meeting with us and for initiating this important and meaningful movement in the City of Lights. Bravo. We look forward to your updates and continued CYD developments.

* Song For This Moment: “Elastic Heart” by Sia.