If you’re naturally an early-riser, this post isn’t for you. However, if you’re a night owl, and you struggle to roll out of bed each morning, here are some tips to help jump-start your day:

1/ Set your alarm ‘out of reach’. Before sleeping, set your alarm (or alarmed phone) far enough away from your bed that you’re forced to get up to turn it off in the morning. You may find yourself cursing silently those first few seconds, but this strategic move will jolt your body from dreamland and help you get on your feet – literally. (Better yet: Select an alarm ringer you can’t stand the sound of!)

2/ Choose your clothes the night before. Selecting what to wear when you’re half-asleep can take a lot of energy, time and thought. To have one less thing to think about, choose your outfit the night before. Lay your clothes out nicely, somewhere near your alarm. (Better yet: Choose to wear bright motivating colors – or whatever makes you feel most fresh and awake.)

3/ Set your alarm 10 minutes before you need to be up. I know this sounds crazy, especially since waking up is already difficult, but as long as you don’t go to bed too late, set your alarm 10 minutes ahead of when you must be up. Giving yourself an extra few moments will help you adjust to the new day. You’ll have time for a few more sips of water (or coffee), to be less rushed in the bathroom, or just for tying your shoelaces. The key is to alleviate stress and to allow your body a few extra minutes to just ‘be’ before starting your day.

4/ Start slow.  Workouts should always begin with a warm-up and end with a cool-down/stretch; however, when you work out in the morning you need to be even more conscious of getting a solid warm-up. After your body has been ‘at rest’ while sleeping, your muscles will likely need a bit more time to ‘perk up’. Making it a point to ease into your morning fitness routine will lessen your risk of injury and ensure better long-term training.

5/  Reward Yourself.  As adults, we’re not so different from little kids in the sense that occasional bribery can be effective.  Save these ‘treats’ for when you really need that extra dose of energy and motivation to get out the door. (If you do it too often, it won’t work.) Rewards may vary a lot, depending on your personal preference and situation. A few examples: ‘If I work out 4 mornings this week, on Friday I’ll treat myself to a manicure’, or ‘I’ll check out those awesome leggings I’ve had my eyes on’.  Truth is, we all deserve to reward ourselves now and then for our hard work.   And if those new leggings inspire your fitness routine, then all the better!


* Song to help you get going:

“Wake Me Up” by Avicii.