In case you missed it, this grey drizzly Sunday morning has been fabulous thanks to La Parisienne, an event dedicated to highlighting and empowering women in sports. With approximately 40,000 participants in this 6.7km women-only event, there is an incredibly positive energy of ‘pure fun’ surrounding it — with live music, team involvement, and many participants dressed up in costumes, while families, partners and friends show their support.


La Parisienne was launched by Patrick Aknin 19 years ago, after spending 10 years organizing large athletic events like the Paris Marathon and Triathlon.  Aknin was inspired by Anglo-Saxon female-only races he’d seen and sought to bring something similar to the City of Lights, without the obligation of world-class competition. We applaud Aknin’s initiative in bringing so many women together to run, and particularly considering that 19 years ago there were very few women running on the streets of Paris.


Running in Paris has grown exponentially over the last 5 years alone, and especially among women. The future is bright – the love will only grow. And, as much as some of us love competition, it all begins with lacing up your running shoes and getting out there to run.  Female athletes of all levels running together – and in support of each other — is a powerful and beautiful thing. Félicitations à toutes les Parisiennes!